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A well designed logo is fundamental for successful brand awareness, get it right and your logo will be a key marketing tool for you, being the cornerstone for establishing your brand identity and making a positive impact on clients and customers that will ensure they’ll remember you and your website and come back again, your logo design really is a key element for commercial success.

David, the Creative Director at SemiStone Media has many years of experience in this field, having worked as a senior graphic designer for numerous advertising & design agencies over the past 20+ years, with logo design being one of his favourite creative challenges. So if you want a logo designed with real passion, not to mention 20+ years of experience then contact us, we feel confident in saying you’ll be glad you did.

Below are examples of some of our logo design work that we have created in the past for some of our clients, please click on any image to see the design in greater detail.


Phase I: Strategy & Research – Great design starts by understanding your self-image, goals, audience, project parameters and desired outcomes. We research your intended audiences, and study the competition. 

Phase II: Creative Exploration & Design Development – Here is where we begin to introduce intuitive thinking into our process. Through creative we develop ideas to visually express your core message. Every choice, from layout and colour to type size and style is made with your communication goals in mind. The stand-out ideas are chosen for development into initial concepts, and are further refined. We then present the initial concepts to you and work with you to turn these concepts into comprehensive design directions. At this stage we will provide: • Two to three strategic design concepts for evaluation; • Refined design direction for the chosen design direction. 

Phase III: Production Management & Implementation – At this phase we work the details, ensuring that every element works to aid the communication goal of the project. Once the final design is ready to produce, we work with you to create and/or gather required text and images. We proof and refine the design, check, double-check, proof again, and prepare the design for final production. We work closely with any vendors involved to ensure that your finished project meets our standards of excellence, as well as yours.

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